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We are so glad you took the time to visit this page! This means you are hungry and have a desire to dig deeper in your walk with Jesus! Following Jesus is more than setting in a comfortable, or maybe not so comfortable seat on Sundays, it's about serving Him! At Encounter Church we believe every believer is called to Encounter God, believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and Be Equipped to Engage the world around us with the gospel of Jesus in Words, Works, and Wonders!

Discover more about how God has Created, Called, and Gifted you!

Take your free spiritual gifts test below today!

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Spiritual Gifts are just that! They are gifts from God, given to believers/His Church, for the purpose of exalting Jesus and bringing Glory to God! It is important that we identify not only how God has made us each uniquely, but also how He has gifted, empowered, and called each of us. We are excited you took the time to visit this page and learn more about how God has gifted you, for His Glory!

Spiritual Gift Test: What's Happening
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